About Us

The American School of Mah Jongg is an on live interactive classroom learning school created by Debbie Barnett, a long time Mah Jongg player and Instructor. Debbie's school is the first of its kind in the nation for teaching American Mah Jongg. The school was designed to teach Begninner, Advanced Beginners-Intermediate and those that want to learn Advanced Strategies. The classroom environment is user friendly and mimics a real-life play experience.A variety of classes available to fit your needs from full classes consisting of up 3-4 students. Semi-private classes consisting of 2 students and private classes consisting of 1 student. 

Debbie is now in the testing phase where Teachers can teach at the school's American Mah Jongg Teacher's Academy. For those of you interested please email me at mahjongteacher1@gmail.com. Experienced teachers will be vetted to qualify without training. Those who want to learn to teach can enroll for training and will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you want to start teaching again or want to begin to teach, this is the way to make some extra money.


Requirements to sign up for school and enroll in a class:

  • A current year's card is required for all Beginners. If you already have one, contact the Instructor at mahjongteacher1@gmail.com to arrange for special pricing.
  • Skype or Zoom is required. This is a free application and can be downloaded on your tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Your computer must have a built-in camera or a webcam
  • Browsers needed to operate the game: Chrome. Firefox, and Safari. 
  • You must be able to operate a computer key board, mouse or touch screen device
  • An external mouse is recommended if using a laptop. A built-in mouse can behave erratically when trying to move, pick, or discard tiles during gameplay.


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